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It Is Our Responsibility to Participate in Ending the Culture of Racism and Violence

Jul 16, 2016 TheWomensCenters 0

Like many of you, we are astonished, outraged and saddened by the racist violence and the injustices faced by people of color in this country, most recently by the killings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota. We agree with Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) who was quoted today in the Washington Post as saying, “There is a systematic... Read More »

The Politics of the Body

Jun 29, 2016 TheWomensCenters 0

The following is a post from Megan Jones, an undergraduate from Temple University who is interning at Philadelphia Women’s Center Since starting my internship at Philadelphia Women’s Center three weeks ago, I’ve learned a lot about abortion; the procedure itself, what to expect afterwards, and how to interact with women who are in the office to... Read More »

Keep Politicians Out of the Exam Room

Jun 27, 2016 TheWomensCenters 0

Throughout her pregnancy, a woman must be able to make her own decisions with the advice of the health care professional she trusts – without interference from politicians. Yet politicians in Pennsylvania are doing just that – and last Tuesday they passed HB 1948, which bans a medically-proven method of abortion and all abortions at 20... Read More »

Action Needed to Oppose PA Abortion Ban

Apr 07, 2016 TheWomensCenters 0

On Monday April 11, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will vote on House Bill 1948, which is another piece of anti-abortion legislation fast-tracked for passage without a public hearing by politicians deliberately intent on further limiting access to needed abortion care in Pennsylvania. Components of the bill include a 20-week abortion ban and a ban... Read More »

National Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon

Apr 01, 2016 TheWomensCenters 0

The Women’s Centers is proud to have two teams participating in this year’s National Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon to help raise funds for the NJ Abortion Access Fund.  We bowl on Saturday April 2 and both teams are less than $500 away from meeting our goals!  Please consider sending us a donation, no matter how small.... Read More »