COVID-19 UPDATE: The Women's Centers will continue to provide the full range of abortion care services because it is time-sensitive, essential healthcare. WE ARE OPEN. WE ARE HERE. WE CAN HELP.

philadelphia women’s center

Philadelphia Women’s Center
777 Appletree Street, 7th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215) 574-3590

In 1972, Philadelphia Women’s Center (PWC) opened as the first outpatient abortion provider in Pennsylvania. Since then, PWC has been continually meeting the needs of women and families by providing professional, confidential and compassionate abortion care.

PWC is conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia, and is a state-licensed Ambulatory Surgical Facility that provides abortion care up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Our accreditation as an ASF requires a rigorous inspection that commits us to having excellent patient care, commendable safety records, continually educated staff, hospital grade medical equipment and high standard policies and procedures. PWC is an accredited member of the National Abortion Federation and a member of the Abortion Care Network as well as the training site for many nationally recognized medical institutions.

When you visit the Center you will find a warm, friendly and inviting space that allows patients the freedom to make thoughtful pregnancy decisions surrounded by staff who respect their choices.

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    Philadelphia Women’s Center

    Philadelphia Women’s Center
    777 Appletree Street
    7th Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19106

    Toll Free : (800) 869-2330
    Phone : (215) 574-3590
    Fax : (215) 574-3595

    Confidentiality, Patient Rights, and HIPAA

    Your privacy and comfort is our top priority. Philadelphia Women’s Center complies fully with all Federal Privacy Laws and HIPAA, and we train our staff in our confidentiality policies and procedures.
    Please read our HIPAA Privacy Notice

    For a copy of our Patient Rights, please click here.

    For a copy of our Nondiscrimination Policy, please click here.

    Philadelphia Women’s Center Pre-Procedure Medical Instructions

    • If you are scheduled for IV sedation (often referred to as “asleep”) or are unsure about what type of anesthesia you may want, please do not eat, drink or chew anything starting at midnight the night before your procedure appointment with us.
    • If you take any medications on a regular basis or as prescribed by your doctor, please ask a Center staff member how to take them before your procedure. Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol prior to your appointments with us.
    • Please leave any valuables at home. If you are having IV sedation, you may be asked to remove your contact lenses or body piercings.