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Medication Abortion

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Medication abortion is commonly called “abortion by pill” or medical abortion and is offered at the Women’s Centers up to 11 weeks of pregnancy. At our centers, your provider will give you a pill to swallow in the office and a set of additional medications to use at home under your provider’s direction.

When you choose abortion by pill you have more flexibility with the time and place that you have your abortion. You are not required to be in our center during your abortion, but you always have the opportunity to speak to our professional staff by phone. We will partner with you during your first appointment to make sure you understand how to safely use the medications.

Abortion by pill is a great option for people that are less than 11 weeks in pregnancy and want to control the experience due to lifestyle, work schedule, or desire. How you choose to have an abortion is a private and personal decision, the medication abortion helps to provide you with an option that is safe and reliable.


In general, abortion by pill works by taking two medications: Mifeprex and misoprostol (also called Cytotec). At our centers, the Mifeprex is taken on the day of the appointment followed by the misoprostol which is taken at home 24 to 48 hours later. Some people say that the procedure is very much like a heavy period while others describe the bleeding and cramping as much more intense. In almost all cases, the bleeding and cramping occur after the misoprostol is taken at home. Please keep in mind that everyone responds to the abortion by pill differently and the time it takes to complete the abortion can vary from person to person. We ask all patients complete a follow-up appointment to confirm a safe and successful procedure.
Please click here to read or download Mifeprex patient information materials.
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