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Abortion remains legal in GA, CT, NJ, and PA and immediate appointments are available with The Women’s Centers. Please call us for logistical, financial, and scheduling coordination, offered 7 days a week.



The Sea Change Program has completed research and recommendations for both storytellers and the support needed from organizations. Watch their video entitled “What is Abortion Stigma?”
Shout Your Abortion! is working to broaden existing discourse on abortion by creating platforms where discussing abortion is as normal as the procedure itself. By creating a digital space for abortion narratives to exist and facilitating events that encourage authentic dialogue and community, #ShoutYourAbortion is transforming the conversation by placing real experiences and voices at the center of the conversation.

The 1 in 3 Campaign, developed by the nonprofit organization Advocates for Youth, builds on the success of prior social change movements, harnessing the power of storytelling to engage and inspire action and strengthen support for abortion access. By encouraging people who have had abortions to end their silence, share their stories, and start a new and more personal conversation about abortion in our society, the 1 in 3 Campaign will help create a more enabling cultural environment for the policy and legal work of the abortion rights movement.

The Abortion Diary Podcast is a space for people to speak out against the shame, stigma, secrecy and isolation surrounding abortion by generating, sharing and receiving personal stories. People around the world are able to share their personal stories, and empower others to give testimony about their personal experiences and choices surrounding abortion.

We Testify is a storytelling and leadership initiative launched by the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF).

Abortion Conversation Projects is committed to eliminating the stigma of abortion by supporting individuals and small groups engaged in innovative projects that create new ways and opportunities to talk about abortion honestly and publicly.

Shift: Real Talk on Abortion is a non-profit organization based in Austin, TX that is working to strategically shift the stigma around abortion in our culture. Shift will educate and build community power to transform the political and cultural landscape around abortion and reproductive health.

Later Abortion Initiative a project of Ibis Reproductive Health intends to change the conversation around later abortion and the women who need this service.

INROADS: the International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma is a global network of advocates, scholars, health providers, and donors interested in program design, research, and advocacy to address abortion stigma and its negative outcomes.

My Abortion, My Life engages with the public in small gatherings, in collage workshops, and with public advertising.

Men and Abortion has factual, spiritual and emotional information and support for men.

Catholics for Choice (CFC) was founded in 1973 to serve as a voice for Catholics who believe that the Catholic tradition supports a woman’s moral and legal right to follow her conscience in matters of sexuality and reproductive health.

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) is the only national interfaith organization dedicated to reproductive choices, health, rights and justice. For more than 40 years, they have been educating, organizing and advocating wherever faith, policy and reproductive lives intersect. All-Options promotes unconditional and judgment-free support for people in all their decisions, feelings and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion. Through direct service and social change strategies, they are building a world where all people can make the reproductive decisions that are best for their lives, without coercion or limitation, and where the dignity of lived experiences is affirmed and honored.
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