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Delaware County Women’s Center

Abortion remains legal in GA, CT, NJ, and PA and immediate appointments are available with The Women’s Centers. Please call us for logistical, financial, and scheduling coordination, offered 7 days a week.

Delaware County Women’s Center

1 Medical Center Blvd. POB 2, Suite 224 Upland, PA 19013 (610) 874-4361  (610) 874-4363
Delaware County Women’s Center is a state licensed private doctor’s office that has a professional medical team specializing in medical abortion services up to 11 weeks of pregnancy. Located by the Philadelphia Airport on Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s campus, our office provides a private setting where patients are offered truly individualized care. Our team of multilingual patient advocates provides caring and professional logistical, financial, and scheduling coordination, including assistance with travel and lodging for patients and companions, 7 days a week. 

Delaware County Women’s Center proudly carries on the legacy of Reproductive Health and Counseling Center, a center founded in 1973 by three OB-GYN physicians associated with Crozer-Chester Medical Center. For almost 40 years the clinic was led by Jane Green, a women’s right champion who fought to keep reproductive health services accessible for women in Delaware County and the surrounding areas. Our spacious center offers a family-friendly waiting room and dedicated space for patients and their support. Delaware County Women’s Center is a warm, friendly, and inviting space that allows patients the freedom to make thoughtful pregnancy decisions surrounded by staff who respect their choices.

Delaware County Women’s Center can offer private abortion appointments that are designed by the patient to meet their individual needs.  At a private abortion appointment, the medical team will be fully available for one-on-one care and no other patients will be scheduled. Call us at (610) 874-4361 to inquire about these services.

Our facility requires a rigorous inspection that commits us to having excellent patient care, commendable safety records, continually educated staff, and high standard policies and procedures. Delaware County Women’s Center is an accredited member of the National Abortion Federation and a member of the Abortion Care Network.  All of our doctors are Board-Certified and trained in reproductive health care.

Delaware County Women’s Center

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