Respect and Care

Abortion Procedure

Abortion remains legal in GA, CT, NJ, and PA and immediate appointments are available with The Women’s Centers. Please call us for logistical, financial, and scheduling coordination, offered 7 days a week.

Before your Procedure

When you arrive at The Women’s Centers for your abortion, you will be treated with compassion and respect while receiving the highest quality, individualized medical care. Your service will include a series of pre-procedure assessments with medical staff and patient advocates.

You will receive the following care as we prepare you for your abortion procedure:
  • Ultrasound – to determine the gestational age of the pregnancy
  • Lab testing – to determine RH blood type, hemoglobin level, and vital signs
  • History and Physical – to review your medical history, current physical state, and birth control options
  • Support and Education – to address your questions, concerns, and what to expect afterwards

    At our Centers, procedures in the first trimester are completed by aspiration abortion.  Although your entire visit to the Center may take several hours (including wait time), the procedure will take approximately 5 minutes. Every step of your abortion procedure is designed to ensure a safe and supportive abortion experience.
    The procedure can be performed with either local or intravenous (IV) sedation. Many patients call local anesthesia “awake” and IV sedation, “asleep.” It is not uncommon for patients to choose to be “awake” for an abortion in the first trimester. If you choose local anesthesia you will be awake and conscious during your procedure. The medication will lessen your pain but you will still experience cramping and discomfort during the procedure.
    You won’t need a driver to undergo local anesthesia because you will be alert.
    If you choose IV sedation you will get medications through an IV that will reduce anxiety and pain and cause a depression of consciousness. Choosing IV sedation means that you need to bring an escort who will register with you at the start of your appointment and assume responsibility for your safe delivery home after receiving the IV medications. IV sedation and local anesthesia are both intended to minimize discomfort but may still feel some pain or awareness of the procedure.


    At our Centers, abortion by pill is offered in the first trimester until ten weeks six days of pregnancy.
    The medication abortion consists of two sets of pills over two days. First you will take Mifepristone by mouth. This medication will stop the growth of the pregnancy, and cannot be reversed. The next day you will take 4 pills of Misoprostol, by putting the pills in your mouth, placing two on the inside of each cheek, and waiting for them to dissolve. After 30 minutes, you can wash down the residue with a glass of water. (If you are nine or ten weeks pregnant, you will repeat this process four hours later.) .
    Over the course of the next few hours you will start to pass the pregnancy. You can expect cramping and nausea, and we will prescribe you medicine to help you manage those symptoms.


    At our Centers, abortion procedures in the second trimester are generally performed between 12 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. Not all of our Centers offer abortion through 28 weeks, so please confirm with a patient advocate when you call to make your appointment.

    During a second trimester procedure, your cervix needs to be dilated (opened) prior to the actual abortion procedure. Depending on your stage in pregnancy and your unique health history, this dilation may take anywhere from an hour up to overnight before your procedure.
    Most patients who are beyond 17 weeks of pregnancy will require a two-day procedure. Our compassionate staff will make sure your instructions are clear so that you understand what to expect from your appointment, and whether you might need that extra day.
    Anesthesia in the second trimester is done through IV sedation. IV sedation medications will reduce anxiety and pain and causes a depression of consciousness. Because these medications will make you drowsy and not alert, you are required to bring an escort who will register with you at the start of your appointment and assume responsibility for your safe delivery home after receiving the IV medications.
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