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Fetal Anomaly Services

Fetal Anomaly Services

If you were referred to our center following a diagnosed fetal anomaly and are choosing abortion, please feel confident in our ability to care for you. Some of our sites offer specialized services that include the following:

Cremation and Burial

We can arrange for cremation or burial services at a local funeral home if the patient does not have a home in mind. An alternative or additional option is a private viewing by the patient and her support person of the remains within our facility.

Memorial Keepsakes

Memorial footprints or handprints can be imprinted as a keepsake at a patient’s request. Patient requests for photos and other keepsakes can generally be honored as well.

Partner, Family or Doula support

At the request of the patient, a support person may accompany the patient during appointments as a means of emotional support and healing through shared experience. Trained volunteer Doulas may be available to patients looking for additional support.

Spiritual Support

The Women’s Centers is open and supportive of the diverse spiritual and cultural needs our patients may request. Rest assured every attempt will be made to meet individualized care through our partnership with locally and nationally recognized spiritual counselors.

Dedicated Staff

Patients can expect a professional staff that is committed to compassionate care. In most cases, a senior staff member is available by mobile phone 24-hours a day to facilitate appointment scheduling and pre-operative communications between the Center and referring physicians. Patients will receive appropriate and sensitive explanations of their care plan.

Genetic Testing

In conjunction with an off-site laboratory, some centers can arrange for chromosomal analysis, microarray or other tests at physician request.
When scheduling your appointment please feel free to let us know about any special needs you may have and let us know how we can help you to feel supported in your decision. Not all services are available at all sites, and most services are require prior arrangements, so please allow us extra time to help you in advance.